Branded By Gold by Carol Lynne
Men In Love series, Book 1
Ellora’s Cave
Erotic M/M/F Gay Contemporary Romance
ISBN 9781419909214
Reviewed by Nannette



Jake Baker and Cree Sommers are best friends and lovers.   Jenny Barnes is Jake's stepsister.  Jenny's mother married Jake's father Buck.  Jake, Cree, and Jenny grew up together and formed an unbreakable bond but Jake and Cree eventually left, becoming Navy SEALS.

When Jake and Cree are notified that Jenny has been severely hurt and Buck is responsible, they rush to her side to care for and protect her, as they have always wanted to.  With Buck still on the loose, Jake and Cree enlist The Team to help keep Jenny safe, but will it be enough to stop an obsessed madman?

In Branded By Gold, the love between Cree, Jake, and Jenny is very strong and the passion and desire they have for each other is intense.  Rape is a part of Jenny's past and attempted rape and abuse is written about as well.  The dialog was sometimes a little silly, but with its exciting plot, a twisted villain and three very passionate individuals, Branded By Gold is a great story.


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