Blood Reign- Cover Art

Blood Reign by L. Shannon
Tascryn Series
Cobblestone Press
ISBN: 978-1-60088-093-3
Reviewed by Nikita Steele



For the past sixty-four years, three months, two days, six hours, twenty-one minutes and sixteen seconds, Pahele, the Tascryn demon lord, has only half existed. After he had freed his beloved, Sadrina, from imprisonment, she left his realm to live another life as a free woman.  Now that she is back, Pahele is determined to never let her go.  The instant Pahele sees Sadrina all the heartache and emptiness that he once felt during their separation disappears without a trace.  Pahele yearns to hold Sadrina tightly in his arm and to have her serve as Queen of his throne.  But, Sadrina wants nothing to do with Pahele or his throne; all she wants is for him to save her son.  Will Pahele be able to convince Sadrina that they are destined to be husband and wife? 

After escaping many years ago, Sadrina never thought she would be returning to the Niflheim realm where she was once held prisoner for centuries by Hel, the evil mistress of Hell. However, when her sonís life became endangered, she quickly turns to the only man she knows who could save him Ė Lord Pahele.  Still angry with Pahele for allowing her to be held captive by Hel, Sadrina is adamant about not falling back into his arms. Easier said than done, especially when Sadrina canít seem to forget the never-ending desire she has always felt towards Pahele.  And, to make matters worse, Hel is determined to reclaim Sadrina as her slave once more.

I found Blood Reign to be an exciting mythical story filled with adventure, sorrow, treachery, lost love and hope.  This dark and erotic tale will satisfy your burning, lustful desire all while taking you on a fascinating journey that will have you entangled in knots.  The relationship between Sadrina and Pahele was intensely passionate and a joy to watch unfurl from one scene to the next.  Although I despised Hel, the wicked villain, she turned out to a very intriguing character and added spice to the story.  While there was a bit of violence within Blood Reign, it was not unexpected since the theme revolved around demons.  Blood Reign is yet another great novel crafted by L. Shannon and I eagerly await her next thrilling installment within this series.


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