Blood Bond by Jackie Bentley
New Concepts Publishing
ISBN: 1-58608-997-8
Reviewed by Klarissa



With evil lurking behind her, Julie races to save an ancient vampire from creatures she calls Blastos.  When she meets Thyre, they are instantly attracted, but she must get them to the safe house in Belize before the creatures kill them both.

Thyre has lived a long time and has often thought about ending his vampire existence, but then a fiery, independent female vamp begins to take charge of his life and Thyre finds that living may just start getting interesting.

Blood Bond by Jackie Bentley was a little difficult for me.  I felt like the scenes were rushed and the dialogue a little flat.  Jackie Bentley has a creative and unique set of vampires here that show much promise.  I would love to see Blood Bond expanded and delve into the deeper emotions of Thyre and Julie.


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