Be Still My Vampire Heart by Kerrelyn Sparks
Love At Stake, Book 3
Vampire Romance
ISBN 978-0-06-111844-9
Reviewed by Nannette



Angus MacKay is a Scottish vampire who owns MacKay Securities.  He provides protection for coven masters such as Roman Draganesti.  Roman has sent Angus to investigate a vampire slayer who has been killing the vampires known as Malcontents.  The Malcontents are ruled by Casimir, a very old and evil vampire.  Katya Miniskaya is a Russian coven leader who needs to stop the slayer before Casimir kills her for not protecting her coven.

Emma Wallace is a vampire hunter.  She works for the CIA as a member of the Stake-Out Team.  When she meets Angus while hunting in Central Park one night, she canít help but be attracted to him.  When she realizes he is a vampire, she tries to keep her distance from him.

Angus doesnít just want to keep Emma safe, he wants her for his own.  Somehow heíll have to gain her trust.  As they fight against Katya and Casimir, Emma is torn between her hatred of vampires and her feelings for Angus.

Kerrelyn Sparks has created her own unique vampire world with Be Still My Vampire Heart.  She made up new rules and scenarios for these vamps that are different than most other vampire stories, creating this amusing and interesting tale.  Angusí Scottish accent, combined with his brawn and power are very seductive, and Emma is strong, capable, and beautiful.  They make one tough couple!   Be Still My Vampire Heart is funny, sexy, exciting and a blast to read!


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