Bad Girl Bridesmaids by Susanna Carr
Signet Eclipse
Erotic Contemporary Romance Anthology
ISBN 0451221206
Reviewed by Nannette



Serial Bridesmaid On The Loose

Kelsey Morgan is attending yet another one of her friend’s weddings.  Kelsey is the ideal bridesmaid, she’s always ready, willing and able to help out in any way.   She’s tired of being taken advantage of, so at her friend Mimi’s second wedding, Kelsey decides to make her self unavailable by keeping herself occupied with a hot guy.  Problem is, there are no hot guys available.

Zach Cooper is attending the wedding with his godmother.  Everyone assumes that he is a gigolo and he lets them believe it because he doesn’t want them to know who he really is.  When Kelsey approaches him for his services he plays along, wanting to be with her.  When Kelsey finds out who Zach really is, she feels like she’s the one who’s been played.

Serial Bridesmaid On The Loose is a really fun and sexy story.  Kelsey and Zach are perfect for each other, both in and out of bed. I did wonder why Kelsey remained friends with some of her fellow bridesmaids after the way they treated her, but Serial Bridesmaid On The Loose is a wonderfully romantic story



The Bridesmaid’s Diaries

Tara Watkins is the wedding coordinator at her family’s winery.  One night, two years ago, she spent the night with the best man of a wedding she was working.  It was magical and wonderful and the best sex she had ever had, but it was one night.  That’s what she wanted, so why is she still pining over him and what she could have if she wasn’t so dedicated to the winery?

Now the bride and groom of that very wedding are renewing their vows and Tara has to see Luke Sullivan again.  Luke has a secret he’s hiding from Tara.  When Tara finds out, will it ruin any chance of making her his?

I really like Luke and Tara.  They are fun, energetic and sexy together.  I was waiting for Tara’s declaration of love at the end, even though you know how she feels.  The Bridesmaid’s Diaries is modern day love story with a classically romantic feel.


Wedding Wrecker 

Amber Hughes has come back to her small hometown to be a bridesmaid in her Friend’s wedding.  The last wedding she attended was ruined when she announced at the ceremony that the groom was cheating on the bride.  No one has forgotten that.  When it looks like she’s headed for trouble again, Joshua Griffin steps in to take control.  Josh’s brand of control has Amber on edge.  She likes it one minute and not the next.  Who’s really in control though?

Wedding Wrecker  is a very sensual story.  Josh is incredibly sexy.  He had me wrapped around his finger right from the start.  I felt sorry for Amber and liked that Josh was there for her.  In turn, Amber leads Josh on a nice chase.  I want more.  There is so much to explore in Josh’s and Amber’s unique relationship.


The trio of stories in Bad Girl Bridesmaids are funny and sexy.  They could easily be full-length novels, especially The Bridesmaid’s Diaries and Wedding Wrecker.  The fun and steamy sex never lets up in all three.  Bad Girl Bridesmaids is a really good read.


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