Anniversary Waltz by Mardi Ballou
New Concepts Publishing
ISBN: 1-58608-985-4
Reviewed by Klarissa



Astreluna has one minor flaw when it comes time to transition people to the Celestial Sphere's Life and Death Center.  She sees the individual and can't help herself from giving them a second chance at life.  These acts have angered her boss.  Astreluna is given one more chance and she must transition two couples that get stuck in an avalanche.

Beth and Todd are about to celebrate their one-year anniversary, but it's up to Beth if it will be their last.  Will their time spent trapped help save their marriage or will their time on earth run out?

Natalia and Rafael are about to celebrate their eighteenth anniversary when an unexpected avalanche lands them in a cave trapped with another couple.  Can they all work together to save their lives?  And will the other couple help or hurt their long time marriage?

Anniversary Waltz by Mardi Ballou shows you how two different rocky relationships can work out.  Some can be strong, yet one person could hold the slightest insecurity and how the love from one person may not be enough to hold a marriage together.  Ms. Ballou takes two very unique couples and combines them flawlessly together.  Anniversary Waltz kept me guessing and had my emotions on a roller coaster ride.  You will love this ending!  Anniversary Waltz will make you smile and make you fall in a love again and again.


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