Animal Attraction by Alexa & Patrick Silver
Valentine's Vixen Quickies
Ellora's Cave Publishing
ISBN: 9781419909511
Reviewed by Tehya Tala



Wes Downes surprised his wife, Tabitha, with a Valentine’s Cruise.  Unfortunately, the weather has decided to change their plans.  Stuck in the airport due to a blizzard is not what he planned.

Caught in the airport with sexual arousal rising due to the hundreds of humans close to him, Brand is getting desperate.  Feline shifter that he is, he knows he needs to join with another shifter or go feral.  Catching a scent of others, Brand seeks them out.  Their sexuality calls to his. Secrets and unknown forces may hinder all of their destinies or fulfill them.

I found Animal Attraction to be a delightful, extremely erotic tale.  Brand, in full knowledge of his animalistic nature, leads Wes and Tabitha into a night of exploration, self-discovery and acceptance of their own natures.  Alexa & Patrick Silver have woven a tantalizing tale.  I will be looking forward to more of their sizzling brand of erotica to share with everyone.


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