Almost a Family by Donna Alward
Samhain Publishing
Contemporary Romance
ISBN1 59998 306 9
Reviewed by Jen



When Kim Schaeffer is involved in a car crash, she asks her sister Mollie to look after her three-year–old daughter, Sara.  Corporate lawyer, Mollie, is nervous for several reasons. She’s been her own woman for six years, she knows nothing about children and going back home will reawaken all those heartbreaking memories of Jason Elliot, her first love.

Molly finds Jason baby-sitting Sara and worse still – he lives next door!  She tries to shut him out, but events conspire against her. As Molly learns to cope with a demanding a three year old, Jason is always there, a dangerously attractive man.  Old feelings resurface in the three weeks before Kim returns from hospital, but Molly and Jason stumble up and down the escalator of romance, both too stubborn to voice what each needs from the other.

Almost a Family struck me as a sweet, thoughtful and very modern love story. It is intriguing to see just how blind some people can be towards each other in even the most intense relationships


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