Alchemist by Isabella Jordan
Leopard Tails
Changeling press
Paranormal / Action / Adventure / Shapeshifter
ISBN (10): 1-59596-594-7 (13): 978-1-59596-594-3
Reviewed by Amelia



Katrina Wilson is on the run.  Once held captive by werewolves, she managed to escape with the help of Joey, who turned out to be a Leopard shape-shifter.  After her escape, the werewolves came after her and killed a nurse. Now, Katrina is a suspect in the murder.

Joey finds Katrina and wants to help her.  Katrina is reluctant at first, but decides to take him up on his offer.  Joey and his fellow shifters live in a small town on the East Coast.

When the two arrive in town, strange things begin to happen and Katrina fears that the werewolves have tracked her there.  It is up to Joey and his fellow shifters to get to the bottom of the problem.  In addition to keeping her safe, Joey wants to keep Katrina as his mate.

Alchemist is the first in a new series that builds off characters in Ms. Jordanís Eyes of the Leopard series.  I enjoyed the world in which this story takes place, and I loved Joey, a hero with a tortured past who was gentle and very protective of Katrina.

Alchemist is the start to what should be a fun series.


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