A Lover’s Call by Claire Thompson
Ellora’s Cave
ISBN: 978-1-41990-786-9
Reviewed by Tera



By day, Rachel is the stereotypical prim librarian, but by night she transforms into Velvet, a sex phone goddess who talks men to orgasm. The calls had all become fairly routine until one night she receives a call from a man named Richard. A man who doesn’t want her to talk about sex—he wants to talk about her. Rachel has no clue how to react to him when he tells her want he wants. Will she be able to open herself up to exploration, or will she remain content with the way things are?

Richard senses Rachel just might be up for what he’d like to try. He wants to help her open up and discover herself, but finds himself feeling more than he planned. How will this turn out for them being half a country apart and only talking on the phone?

I enjoyed this book. It’s not very often that the sex line industry is delved into, even though this really only concentrated on the one phone calls from Richard after he was introduced to the story. I enjoyed watching Rachel evolve and become more comfortable and confident in her own skin. A Lover’s Call is a good story to curl up with on a snowy or rainy afternoon


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