A Bend In Time by Michelle Miles
Samhain Publishing
Time Travel Romance
ISBN 1-59998-249-8
Reviewed by Nannette



Dane Fortune is a hit man hired by Connor Dade to kill Emily and Jacob Ransom.  After the job is completed, their daughter Skye is left to live through the heartbreak and mystery of her parentsí deaths.  When Skye's life is then threatened as well, she becomes desperate to find out what's going on and what the contents of the package her father sent to her before his death has to do with it.

Skye discovers the secret her father and Connor were working on. The time bender is a time machine and Skye is in danger because of it.  When Dane catches up with her, he and Skye find themselves accidentally thrown back in time and this is where the adventure begins.

A Bend In Time would make a great movie. It's fun, exciting and action-packed.  Dane is a bad guy who ends up being a good guy, or so it seems.  Skye is a strong and capable heroine who handles everything thrown at her with spirit and bravery.  A Bend In Time is the first book in the Ransom and Fortune Adventure Series, so there is more adventure to look forward to.  With its unfinished ending, I wish Book 2 was available now!


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