Windhandler by Georgia Tribell

Cobblestone Press

Urban Fantasy, Futuristic

ISBN: 978-1-60088-233-3

Reviewed by Jo



Lexi Corbitt has spent the last several years hiding, to save her life.  Lexi has a talent that a lot of the country believes is unnatural.  Lexi also has information that could prove deadly to her if the wrong people find her.  All is great until Lexi comes across an accident and has to use her powers to save childrenís lives and itís caught on camera. 

Dustin Martinez is a Windhandler who works as an agent for Special Powers Divisionóa totally secret government agency.  Its mandate is to protect and defend humans that have been born and developed powers over and around elements, both natural and otherwise.  Dustin is on his way to the office when he sees an accident that could kill several.  Dustin is doing all he can to save them, but it seems hopeless until this woman shows up and lends a hand.  Now the danger is over and the woman is gone.

Lexi never had any intention of seeing Dustin again, but then she discovered that she is back in the spotlight and this time they are trying to kill her.  Danger surrounds Lexi and Dustin as they work together to end a madmanís determination to rid the world of people with powers.  When the smoke finally clears, will their powers be enough to win or do they really just need the power of love?

Where do you turn when hiding in plain sight turns deadly?  Windhandler brings Lexi and Dustin together in danger and lets them discover love as the world goes crazy around them.  Lexiís life was turned upside down after being sent away as a child.  Dustin knows that just because people have powers it doesnít make them good or evil, and spends his life helping them.  I was intrigued by the types of powers that were appearing in people and not surprised at all to find that people were still trying to destroy what they didnít understand.  I watched as Lexi and Dustin fought and along the way discovered a passion between them.  Windhandler shows a world that could happen and how love could still conquer all.


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