Very Much Alive by Dana Marie Bell

True Destiny series, book 1

Samhain Publishing

M/M/F Paranormal

ISBN: 978-1-60504-392-0

Reviewed by Ley



Living life on the run has become second nature for Kiran Tate and Logan Saeter.  As the years go by the man they are running from, Oliver Grimm, gets closer and closer to catching and ultimately destroying them.  Determined to end the battle between them and Grimm, Kiran and Logan search out Grimmís step - granddaughter and private eye Jordan Grey to help them.  When they meet Jordan they find they have two tasks at hand; convincing her that they are Norse Gods on the run from Odin who was framing them for murder and who happens to be her step-grandfather but more importantly than that is convincing her that she belongs in their bed.

Jordan doesnít know what to make of the two gorgeous men that walked into her office, but from the moment she met them they turned her world upside down.

Very Much Alive is a very eclectic story, with gorgeous shapeshifting Norse Gods, hot sex and a plot that carries over centuries, but it wasnít enough to hold my interest. I found the characters to be very irritating especially Kir and Logan and Jordanís siblings. However I did like Jordan, she was the saving grace of this story.  I think the author was going for quirky, tongue and cheek with this story but it didnít come across very well. Men shape shifting into cars to drive their lovers around just didnít work for me.  Although Very Much Alive was not my cup of tea, it could be a fun story for others.


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