Two Men and a Lady, Books 1-3 by Brit M

Ravenous Romance

Mťnage Trois M/M/F

ISBN:  978-1-60777-135-7

ISBN:  978-1-60777-131-9

ISBN:  978-1-60777-187-6

Reviewed by Ley



Two Men and a Lady Prequel

Jason and Eve have been together for a long time.  They have a strong bond between them and love each other deeply. They have no problem dabbling in a threesome now and then but have hard fast rules for their one-night stands, they both have to be attracted to the person, gender  doesnít matter and make it clear itís only for one night.  When they meet Luke at a party what they feel for him is much more then mere sexual attraction, when their night of passion comes to end, Jason and Eve find it difficult to stick to the rules.

This was a great start to a very hot trilogy. Although a quick read Two Men and a Lady Prequel wet my appetite and had me hungering for more of this very sexy threesome.


Two Men and a Lady

After saying goodbye to the first person to have Jason and Eve considering opening up their relationship permanently to a third person, they find it very hard to forget Luke and move on with their lives. They knew they had to try but when it became undeniable they needed Luke, Jason and Eve made a decision to go after him. Will Luke want to be a permanent part of their relationship and will they be able to make a threesome work?

I really enjoyed Jason and Eveís pursuit of Luke.  There is a bit of mystery about Luke and his life. Itís obvious heís been hurt and is a bit gun shy about trusting his feelings, I would have loved it if the author delved a bit more into who Luke was.  I actually would have liked a little more insight into all three of them. They were characters that made me really want to know them.  The chemistry between them was amazing. Brit M. did a great in making me feel for the gorgeous threesome of Two Men and a Lady.


Two Men and a Lady Epilogue

Still working on building and strengthening their new relationship, Luke, Jason and Eve celebrate their first Christmas together.

Two Men and a Lady Epilogue was a sweet and very hot peek into a day in the new life of Luke, Eve and Jason.  I always enjoy epilogues and was happy to see one for this story. As much as I enjoyed it, I was disappointed when it ended, because I felt the relationship was not on steady ground, there is so much about themselves that Jason, Eve and Luke still have not revealed to each other. Aside from that, the overall series was very enjoyable and I look forward to reading more of Brit Mís work.


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