Touch of Black Velvet by Brieanna Robertson

Amira Press

Paranormal, Fantasy

ISBN:  978-1-935348-24-5

Reviewed by Jo



Reya hasn’t worried about anything but where her next fix was coming from for most of her life.  After all, there is nothing worth caring about in the post-apocalyptic world she lives in—until the morning she woke up in a strange motel room with a sexy stranger who offers Reya something she has never had—choice.  Jack Snow knows all about the change being offered a choice can bring to a life.  After getting that offer himself, Jack now searches for humans to give it to.  Jack is a shifter, something most humans fear coming into contact with.  Reya isn’t sure about what Jack has told her, but she does know that anything is better than what she has now.  Plus, Reya just doesn’t want to leave Jack for some reason.  Utopia is being offered, but both Jack and Reya will have to overcome their fears to grab and secure the ultimate portion of it.

Touch of Black Velvet is a look at a world where humans have destroyed just about everything.  Reya has never known what the world was before the great wars, but she certainly knows the wastelands they left behind.  Jack is a shifter on a mission to find humans worth being offered a chance at a slice of paradise.  Reya and Jack met under the worse of circumstances and should never have come together.  However, I loved as Reya’s sass and backbone teamed up and defied Jack’s fierce beliefs.  Even better was watching how just being offered a choice changed lives for the better.  Touch of Black Velvet is a sweet romance with a touch of sass and humor that won’t fail to bring a smile every time you read it.


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