Three of a Kind by Stormy Glenn

Lovers of Alpha Squad, Book 4

Siren Publishing

Contemporary M/M/M

ISBN: 1-60601-398-x

Reviewed by Lisa



The team members of Alpha Squad live on a ranch out in the middle of nowhere.  Some are enjoying solid relationships but Jake Logan has yet to find that certain someone to love him.

Sparks fly when Heath Bentley visits his friend Cami at the ranch and locks eyes with Jake.  Instant lust and attraction becomes something more when the men hook up and agree to try making their relationship permanent.

Life becomes somewhat awkward for the couple when they meet Ethane Thomas, a lawyer helping another team member.  Jake and Heath are attracted to Ethane but don’t want to damage the bond they have for each other.  Then there is Ethane who’s making subtle moves on both guys.  Can they attempt a three way relationship without screwing up everything?

Three of a Kind can be summarized in three simple words – scorching hot fun!  Written in a somewhat simplistic style, Three of a Kind is a light hearted love story with the benefit of several sizzling sexual encounters.  The instant lust seems real but the instant love announcement is a bit of a stretch.  The conflict however of adding a third to the relationship brings realism to the plot.  Three of a Kind is an easy entertaining story for a rainy afternoon.


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