The Tory Widow by Christine Blevins



ISBN: 9780425226018

Reviewed by Niki Lee



The widow Merrick, Anne, is the owner of a struggling print shop in the months just before the start of the American Revolution.  Her dead husband was a Tory and Anne thought she was, too.  But the fervor of Jack Hampton, one of the notorious Sons of Liberty, sweeps her along the tide of the Patriots.  As the passion between Jack and Anne heats up, so does the war.  Soon, Anne has to decide between her independence and that of her country.

The first part of The Tory Widow is nearly straight historical fiction, focusing primarily on the politics and events leading up to the war between the foundling USA and Britain. The second is a more traditional suspense with a dash of romance. The historical details are superbly executed and nearly overwhelm the story itself.  Once the war begins, the story focuses more on Anne and Jack and, at least for me, gets more interesting.  For those who are fans of the time period and like a little romance thrown in, this is the book, and author, to read.


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