The Secret Wedding by Jo Beverley



ISBN: 9780451226518

Reviewed by Niki Lee



Christian Hill saved Dorcas Froggatt from an unscrupulous man and as thanks, was forced into marrying her.  He goes on to fight overseas and his marriage becomes little more than a distant memory.  Ten years later, someone is looking into that misbegotten marriage, stirring up more than just memories.

Mistress Hill, aka Dorcas Froggatt, is looking to marry again.  She needs to confirm the rumor of her erstwhile husbandís death.  But when a member of her husbandís family comes to seek her out, she finds there is more to her wedding day than she originally suspected.

Through a series of misunderstandings and mistaken identities, husband and wife learn about themselves and each other.

The Secret Wedding was both quick and confusing, with tendrils of plot twisting and turning like a strand of ivy.  Keeping straight the lies and names of the people involved was difficult for both the players and the reader.  Full of action, suspense and romance, this is not a beach read, but a book worth of sitting down and paying attention.


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