The Last Bouquet by Carol Lynne

Cattle Valley series, book 10


M/M Contemporary

ISBN: 978-1-906811-93-8

Reviewed by Ley



Losing his lover in a tragic accident left Hearn Sutherland sad, alone and dealing with a tremendous amounts of guilt.  Hearnís relationship with Mitch was souring long before the accident, and Hearnís heart belonged to someone else, his best friend Tyler Manning.  Since Mitchís death Hearn doenít feel he deserves to move on and be with someone as wonderful as Tyler, but when secrets are revealed about Mitch things just may change.

Tyler has loved Hearn for as long as heís known him, and he was heartbroken that ever since Mitch died it seemed as if Hearn was avoiding him. Tyler knew he couldnít compete with a dead man for Hearnís affection, but he would be happy with Hearnís friendship even though his heart yearned for more. In an attempt to get Hearn to start living again Tyler convinces him to run for mayor of Cattle Valley and Hearn agrees, but neither knew Hearnís competition would be the most popular guy in town, Nate Gills.

Being popular and loved seemed to come easy to Nate. In a happy relationship with his two lovers Rio and Ryan, Nateís life appears perfect, but when he decides to run for mayor Nateís afraid that secrets from his past may change how his lovers think of him.

The Last Bouquet takes us deeper into the relationship between Hearn and Mitch.  Followers of the serious will remember Mitch from previous books, Mitch was mentioned in book seven of the series as one of the obstacles coming between Jax and Loganísí romance.  Dead and buried Mitchís memory lives on and stands in the way of yet another couple that truly belong together. The Last Bouquet was okay but not as good some of the past stories in the series. I did like getting more back story about Nateís past and having Nate, Rio, and Ryan somewhat in the forefront again.  Hearn and Tyler were sweet characters as with most of the guys in Cattle Valley and they were a likable part of the story.  Even though I liked some parts of this story, I did not find it overly engaging and as I read I couldnít shake the feeling that the Cattle Valley series would soon be coming to an end.  Truthfully I thought The Last Bouquet might have been the finale, but with the introduction of new characters I think Carol Lynne may have much more to write about.  Although The Last Bouquet was not a very exciting story there were parts that were quite moving and followers of the series will be compelled to keep reading.


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