Taking Joy by Jordyn Tracey

Sugar & Spice Publishing

Interracial Romance

Reviewed by Nellie



Desperate times call for desperate measures and that is how Joy found herself shoplifting in a high-end store and getting caught in the process by Keane Kavanagh, the owner. Keane Kavanagh wanted Joy and was biding his time before he would seduce her to his lair. Keane’s plans were accelerated by a staring contest he had with his intended victim in the subway, a little pinch on the great behind and a meeting that led to the grand finale, a proposition to Joy to be his mistress.

What Keane wanted he was determined to get by any means necessary, but would his underhanded manner destroy the tentative relationship he had with Joy?

I liked Taking Joy because the main characters were not perfect but were fighting to overcome their personal demons as the story progressed. Keane was a little too aggressive to the point of being uncouth, but it worked well to counter the heroine who had a feisty and impulsive personality.  Crushed but not defeated into submission, Joy was determined to overcome her predicament despite engaging into some activities her Mama would never approve of. From the beginning, this author clearly defined Keane’s character that was shaped by his past, and for Joy, her present needs depict who she becomes.  


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