Surrender Love by Kayelle Allen

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M/M Multicultural/Interspecies Sci-Fi

ISBN: 978-1-59632-874-7

Reviewed by Ley



Genetically engineered to live an immortal life, Luc Saint-Cyr has known many lovers and is no stranger to heartbreak; the latter was at the hands of his Chosen, who left him for another. In the many years he has lived Luc has obtained much wealth and power amongst his Sempervian people. Unfortunately all his wealth and power didnít help him when it came to finding a love that lasts. Even though he is still nursing his broken heart when he meets Izzorah ĎRahí Ceeow, a Kin, Luc canít help falling for the sweet fragile creature.

Rah is the drummer of Kumwhatmay, a band thatís a part of Lucís entertainment company, whose life is much more complex than whatís projected on the surface.  His attraction to Luc is instant but Rah has too many reasons as to why they would never work.  Regardless of all the rational reasons to keep their relationship professional, the need to be together over powered them both.

Surrender Love is a multifaceted story with many intricate layers to the characters and the realm in which the story takes place.  Kayelle Allen took great care with the details of this story to give a vivid picture to the reader of the world in which the characters lived.  Luc Saint-Cyr appears to be a much-used character of hers and one who seems to have bad luck when it comes to love; at least he did until he met Rah.  Rah (the nickname given to Izzorah by Luc, which I liked way better than Izzy), pulled me into this story and he was who held me in it.  Rah was a very endearing character and I felt for all that he was going through.  If you are a Kayelle Allen fan, sci-fi lover, or a Luc Saint-Cyr groupie or all of the above, you will adore Surrender Love.  If you are none of the above then this is a great book to introduce you to all three.


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