Stowaway by Talya Bosco

Elloraís Cave

Erotic Menage/MM/Futuristic/Science Fiction

ISBN: 9781419921100

Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Dov, Ardal, and Tarlo are a bonded family unit. Traders, they pilot a space cargo ship.  On a routine check of the ship, Dov finds a beautiful blonde woman stowed away in their hold.  Picking her up and taking her to the bridge doesnít even make him break a sweat.  Finding out that she is in need of their help makes him want her all the more and if he isnít mistaken, his lovers Ardal and Tarlo do as well.  This is going to be one voyage that none of them are likely to forget.

Oh baby was Stowaway a scorching read.  This bad boy burned my fingers it was so hot.  From the male lovers to Aurelia, the woman they found, every single scene was blazing.  The men were huge but their treatment of Aurelia was tender and kind.  Stowaway by Talya Bosco makes me want to well, stowaway on a space ship and try my luck at finding three sexy men to worship me.  Donít miss it. 


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