Storm Warning by Tymber Dalton

Triple Trouble, Book 2

Siren Publishing


ISBN: 1-60601-454-4

Reviewed by Lisa



It’s slow going at times but independent Elain Pardie is learning how to cope with her mates, three Alpha shape shifter brothers.  Elain wants to keep her job as a newscaster but the Lyall brothers, Aindreas in particular, prefer to keep her safe in their home at their cattle ranch in Arcadia which is an hour away from her job.

Aindreas, along with his brothers Brodey and Cailean vow to do everything in their power to make Elain happy but they just can’t have Elain on air now that she is mated to them.  With three Alpha males and one strong willed woman things are bound to get prickly at times.  Hopefully nobody makes any big decisions without everyone’s agreement, especially in these ‘honeymoon’ days of mated life.

Three very sexy men and one feisty female are featured in the very enjoyable tale, Storm Warning by talented author Tymber Dalton.  Although this is the second story in the series it is easily a stand alone tale.  I definitely liked meeting up with the Lyall brothers again – typical cave man mentality keeps tripping them up in their courtship with the modern Elain.  Miscommunication is at the heart of Storm Warning with widely disastrous results. Don’t miss this second installment, it’s dramatic, hot and fun plus it leads to more twists for the quartet in the third book.


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