Sleeping with the Enemy’s Daughter by Nadia Aidan

Downing Brothers, Book 1

Total E-Bound

Erotic Ménage/Multicultural/Contemporary

ISBN:  978-1-907010-02-6

Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Camille Douglas is in a predicament.  Her less than intelligent stepmother lost the ranch that has been in Camille’s family for decades.  The only way Camille can ever hope to get it back is by getting the current owners to agree to sell it back to her.  Finding out that her enemies, the Downing brothers own the papers to her ranch, Camille goes to them with her proposition.  Convincing the brothers to part with her ranch will be nothing short of a miracle but Camille is totally shocked and somewhat aroused at the compromise the brothers ask for.  It’s only six months, right?

Sleeping with the Enemy’s Daughter by Nadia Aidan is sinfully erotic with over the top sizzling love scenes and volatile emotions.  Camille is not prepared for the Downing brothers request but soon learns to crave their touch.  I loved watching her go from hated enemy to a beloved partner.  Nadia Aidan’s well written plot and sultry sexual escapades made Sleeping with the Enemy’s Daughter a great read.


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