Seth by Jaden Sinclair

Midnight Showcase

Erotic Futuristic/Paranormal/Science Fiction

ISSN:  1555-5488 Vol. 108-37SE

Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Alyna Satara works for an intelligence company in the city.  She knows that everything she does is monitored and one wrong move could mean termination.  She has no social life because of the amount of debt she has and spends every waking moment she can spare working.  Talking with Seth, a highly intelligent, man made machine is not something she is supposed to be doing but she canít help herself.  Lately she has been noticing that Seth appears to be more human than machine and while that doesnít bother Alyna, she knows that should her supervisors find out there could be major repercussions.   

Seth was created, not born.  A drone programmed to take orders; Seth is beginning to experience realistic human emotions.  His desire for Alyna, a woman working for the corporation that created him, is real and when this is found out, Seth is given an ultimatum.  He can either kill who he is told to kill or he will be terminated.  Seth doesnít like those choices.

I want a Seth and I want one now.  Sexy and loyal, Sethís emerging feelings for Alyna are sensuous to watch.  He was like a kid learning new things and beginning to experience life.  I did not like the predicament Seth and Alyna found themselves in but I love how the book ended. To say anything else would spoil the surprise.

Lovers of science fiction and futuristic romances will love Seth.  The plot was unique and the emotions were real.  Jaden Sinclair just became an auto buy for me.


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