Seeking Something Wicked by K.Z. Snow

Utopia X series, book 2

Loose id

M/M Futuristic/Urban Fantasy Vampire

ISBN: 978-1-59632-885-3

Reviewed by Ley



Tole is having a hard time dealing with Win and Pablo’s relationship. Pablo’s presence brought a change to their household and fed into Tole’s restless spirit bringing to light the loneliness deep inside him.  Needing time alone Tole ventures into the Interzone where he finds companionship with Ridley Barron, the sexiest vampire in the Undercity but before the attraction can escalate to physical exploration, the dangers of the Undercity descend upon them.

When Ridley is kidnapped Tole finds himself emotionally invested in ridding the Interzone of its most menacing threat, and saving the man that has tapped into his emotions.

Seeking Something Wicked brings us back to the dark, magical world of the Undercity and the Coven of Three.  Win and Pablo are a couple now and are having difficulty with the ‘touch’ requirement of their job. The problem is they only want to touch and be touched by each other and that’s a development that doesn’t sit to well with Tole and Zee, but they try to understand where the lovers are coming from.  As with the prequel the Undercity is filled with danger and mystery, but for Tole this new disturbance is very personal. Ridley was someone Tole had always known but they never really connected until that night by the campfire and Tole opened up to him. 

Once the door was open a great connection between Tole and Ridley was revealed, but I felt the author K. Z. Snow only gave a teasing taste of how good they could be together. The romance aspect of the story takes a backseat to the action and suspense of the story. This was my feeling as well with the previous book focusing on Win and Pablo.  The Sci-Fi aspect of the story is great, but I would love the books more if the romance part of the stories were focused on a bit more. With that said I am still looking forward to the follow up to Seeking Something Wicked which will hopefully involve Zee finding someone, next to Tole, he’s my third favorite of the boys of the Utopia X series.  In case you are wondering Ridley is my second favorite.


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