Sealed with a Demonís Kiss by Yolanda Sfetsos

Cobblestone Press

Urban Fantasy

ISBN: 978-1-60088-394-1

Reviewed by Jo



Tamara has escaped her abductors but they are within feet of getting her again.  Tamara is a witch, but a very special one.  She was born with a pentagram on her back and is one of the few witches that can not only call a demon, but bind to him.  Tyler is a demon sent to make sure that Tamara stays away from the warlocks that have held her for years.  The demon they want is his boss and Tyler is charged to make sure that Tamara doesnít keep that specific engagement.  Problems arise when Tamara and Tyler are attracted to one another.  Passion between them both solves a problem and creates others.  When the witching hour arrives will love or betrayal win?

Sealed with a Demonís Kiss brings a forbidden love into being.  Tamara knows that she is rare but has never understood why.  Tyler is a demon but has never been able to be a rotten as his brethren.  I was amazed that in less than 24 hours Tyler and Tamara learned a huge amount about themselves and discovered just what love and trust can accomplish.  The last battle was for all or nothing and not with whom you might think.  I thought Sealed with a Demonís Kiss was a great lunch read, which offers a short adventure.


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