Scotch on the Rocks by Liadan Brodie

Del Fantasma, Multi Author series

Aspen Mountain Press

Paranormal M/M/F

ISBN: 978-1-60168-182-9

Reviewed by Lisa



Six long, difficult months have passed since Braeden McInnes, son of the leader of Pack McInnes of Scotland, lost his temper with his lover ‘Mad’ Matthias or Matt Kendrick.  They reunite at Del Fantasma, a favorite watering hole for shifters, vamps and others. Word has reached the men that their chosen mate, Elizabeth Maxwell was recently seen in the area.

Elizabeth was stolen from her lovers by their cousin Sean McInnes and the men have been on the hunt ever since.  Rumor has it that Sean has managed to team up with some rogue panther shifters even though their pack is wolf.  Somehow, someway Braeden and Matt have to rescue Elizabeth and neutralize the rogue wolf and his followers before things get completely out of hand.

Scotch on the Rocks, is a character driven tale with passion, tenderness and two ruthless men.  This story has a good plotline and hot lovemaking but don’t look for any real surprises or suspense.   I thought that the child, Paul had the most poignant and strongest moments in the tale.  Scotch on the Rocks is enjoyable and has some very steamy ménage a trios action that readers will have fun reading but nothing unexpected happens.


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