Saving Sophie by Elle Amery

Quartzton series, book 1

Ravenous Romance


ISBN:  978-1-60777-013-8

Reviewed by Ley



When Jake Muscat was placed on the auction block at a bachelor auction, Sophie Huntsman took it as an opportunity to finally get close to Jake. Her hopes increase when Jake makes eye contact and lets her know he wants her to win him.  After twelve years of longing for Jake, Sophie believes they finally made a connection, she’s correct that he noticed the beautiful woman bidding on him, but he didn’t know it was his sister’s childhood friend.

When Jake realizes his mistake his efforts to make things right with Sophie leads to the best sex of his life.  But their night together can only be one night when professional careers and lifelong friendships may be in jeopardy. The strong attraction between them may be too hard to deny, but Jake knows he has to or he’ll only end up hurting Sophie in the long run.

Saving Sophie is a cute story.  Sophie and Jake knew each other as kids but have not seen each other in over twelve years. Sophie’s feelings are just as strong for Jake but Jake’s feelings are all new.  I liked the premise of this story, and the direction of the series.  In Saving Sophie we meet all of the characters of the upcoming books and learn that they are all linked through friendship and family connections. Readers looking for a fun and entertaining read will find Saving Sophie is a good choice.


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