Runaway Man by Jambrea Jo Jones

Freyaís Bower

M/M Shifting

Reviewed by Ley



When secrets too unusual to believe are revealed by the light of the full moon, Butch went with his first instinct and ran away from Mitch, the man he loved.  When fate reunited them, the same twist of fate may rip them apart once again.

Runaway Man starts out highly emotional and that tone permeates throughout the pages of this quick read.  Mitch didnít trust his lover enough to reveal some very important details about his life and Butch didnít feel he was strong enough to handle what he accidentally found out. I donít blame Butch for running, not only because of what Mitchís secrets were, but also because Mitch should have been more upfront with Butch. The reunion between Mitch and Butch was sweet, sad and very loving; it was obvious these two never got over each other. The author Jambrea Jo Jones did a great job in making me feel the love between these to men.  Aside from editing issues, Runaway Man was fantastic and I really enjoyed it, and Iím certain others will to.


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