Roped and Tied by Pam LaBud

Ride a Cowboy, Book 4

Cobblestone Press

Historical/Western Romance

ISBN: 9781600882586

Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Wade is stuck between a rock and a hard place.  Having spent two years behind bars doing hard time, Wade just wants to make the restitution that his parole demands. However, he is summoned to court earlier than he expected and he won’t have the money he needs until he takes his cattle to Dodge City.  All this aside, honestly, Wade doesn’t want to leave Lily, the woman he struck a bargain with for water rights for his thirsty cattle.  Wade and Lily came to an agreement and if there is any hint of Wade’s having to go back to jail, he wants this last night with Lily to be special.  Lily craves normalcy.  She wants to be able to go to church without tongues wagging and people staring. She knows she will never be allowed to do this; she is, after all, the madam of a brothel. Most of all, she wishes she could have a life with Wade; he is the reason her heart beats a little bit faster every time he is near.

Pamela LaBud has written a tender and beautiful historical western romance with Roped and Tied.  Wade and Lily are realistically portrayed to a fault but entirely likeable.  They love each other and because of horrible luck, both are somewhere in their lives that they don’t want to be. Wade wants nothing more than to put his jail sentence behind him – Lily wants to be able to hold her head up without people gossiping about and hating her.  All in all I think, they want to be loved.  I think that is what makes this story so special.

Readers have to read this series in order – it makes for a much more rich and emotional experience to know what is going on.  Roped and Tied is excellent – don’t miss it.


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