Ravenís Keeper by Cyan Bell

Blood Bonded: Earth

Cobblestone Press

Urban Fantasy

ISBN: 978-1-60088-243-2

Reviewed by Jo



Dante Ferris is a Keeper or in other words a Dragon shifter who protects the realms of Heaven, Earth and Hell, from demons.  The day that Danteís life changed forever, he looked into the eyes of his Blood Bond, was hit by a car and his soul was taken to Hell.  Dante isnít one to let any demon use him to destroy Earth.  More importantly, he refuses to lose his Blood Bond before they have a chance.

Raven St. Michaels is happy making and selling her coffee.  Then she makes eye contact with a gorgeous man and promptly sees him hurt.  That is the easy part of her story.  Now she has an angel telling her that she is the only one who can go into Hell and get Dante back.  The lust and passion that flared up between them with just eye contact was intense.  Raven learns that this bond will make them want to have sex immediately and they canít.  What a situation.

When Dante and Raven finally come face to face, it really is Hell.  Their lust overcomes the warnings and now Dante and Raven have to find a way to defeat a demon lord and save mankind.  If that isnít enough they will also have to find a way to save each other and discover just what their bond will mean to them.  Or, is Heaven and Hell against them on this one?

Ravenís Keeper is a mad-capped journey through Hell to save newfound love.  Raven doesnít believe in dragons, hell or demons, so what is she to think when an angel comes to tell her that she has to go to Hell to get her dragon-boned mate.  Dante has lived for many years never expecting to find his Blood Bond, only to find and lose her within minutes.  I loved Ravenís sass and Danteís determination.  They were a perfect match until the powers-that-be decided to mess with them.  I thought that the way they finally came together was poetic, in that their freewill had been tampered withóeven if for a good reason.  Ravenís Keeper is a keeper, both for its characters and itís plotline that keeps changing on you.


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