Rancher McBride by Lauri Robinson

The McBride Brothers

Cactus Rose

The Wild Rose Press


Reviewed by Tanya



Josie Hollister has had one bad marriage and after her first husband died she became determined to live her life the way she wants.  This means to make her living as a rancher, and woman cow herd driver.  What she doesn’t count on is falling in love with one of the local ranchers.  She thinks he feels the same way but, he never indicates that he would like a woman who loves to do “men’s work” so she decides she has done her last cattle drive.  She goes to her aunt for help and dons the frippery of a woman including petticoats and corsets.  Calvin is stunned and this change in the woman he thought was perfect makes him “run for the hills”.

What will it take for both to realize that what the desire was there all along and doesn’t need to be changed?

Rancher McBride is a super fast paced historical that will make you smile.  With fancy ladies and hard working men, or in this case hard working men and women who think of ranching as one of the most important things in their lives.  Rancher McBride is also a story about being true to yourself.  If you are a girly girl then don’t try and run around climbing trees. But, if you are a ranching woman then dress the part and anyone worth giving your heart to will know the true you.  In enjoyed Rancher McBride and look forward to the next chapter in this series.


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