Positive Possibilities by Shayla Kersten

Elloraís Cave

M/M Contemporary

ISBN: 9781419921278

Reviewed by Ley



Gabe Layton knew things were not so great with Lou, his live in boyfriend of six years, but to come home and catch him having sex with another man was the last thing he expected.  But worse than Lou cheating on him, was the discovery that he wasnít using any protection.  With the fear of being exposed to HIV on his mind Gabe turns to his best friend, Dean Bannon. Gabeís out of control life becomes even more unwieldy when the best friend heís known almost all his life, and believed was 100% heterosexual reveals that he himself is in love with Gabe and would be happy to see Lou go.

Dean has always known he was attracted to both sexes but he knew his life would be easier if he lived it as a straight men.  After he saw all that Gabe had to go through when he came out, he knew he didnít want to have to deal with that.  His feelings for Gabe only grew stronger and now that an opportunity presented itself to be with Gabe he was not going to let it pass them by, but with so much on his mind, convincing Gabe that they were meant to be more than friends may not be easy.

Positive Possibilities was a sweet story, full of good and bad revelations for the three major characters.  Poor Gabe found himself with a lot to think about. Although he knew exactly what to do where Lou was concerned, Dean had his mind befuddled.  Dean and Gabe had a great relationship and I can understand Gabeís unwillingness to cross the line from friendship to something more.

Lou was something else, even caught red-handed he didnít have much remorse for his actions until Gabe proved serious about putting him out. I do have to admit I did feel a bit sorry for him towards the end. Even though Gabe had a passing fear of all that Lou may have exposed him too, the HIV sub plot was not really delved into. Positive Possibilities was an entertaining story, and it would be interesting to learn how things progressed with Gabe and Dean.


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