Polar Reaction by Claire Thompson

Samhain Publishing

M/M/M Contemporary Ménage Trois

ISBN: 978-1-60504-462-0

Reviewed by Ley



Scientist David ‘Tuck’ Tucker has been fantasizing about fellow scientist Brendan Aaronson ever since they first worked together over a year ago.  Tuck wanted desperately to make a move on Brendan but the opportunity never arose during the weeks of research in the Antarctic, at least not until their last day.  When the plane came to transport the scientists working on the research project back to the mainland not everyone could fit along with the equipment they needed to transport as well, Tuck, Brendan, and Jamie Hunter, a research assistant Tuck recommended for the job, volunteered to stay behind.  When the Antarctic winter hits them with a nasty blizzard, the three men are trapped until the plane can safely return to get them.

As the weather continues to pound them fear of what may happen if the weather doesn’t let up leads to the men opening up to each other and giving in to long simmering passions, and some new ones.  If and when they are rescued will what they found in the Antarctic melt away once they return to the real world?

Fantastic! Polar Reaction was hot, sexy and sweet.  Tuck, Brendan and Jamie were in different places where their sexuality was concern. Brendan the oldest of the threesome was in total denial of his attraction to men. Tuck scared him because he couldn’t explain his feelings for him.  As much as he wanted to see Tuck again after the first project they worked on, admitting to Tuck he wanted him was hard for Brendan. To add to his confusion was Jamie, a much younger research assistant who was very comfortable with his sexuality and was very happy to show Brendan and Tuck how much he was attracted to them. Tuck was in the middle of the two in age and with his sexuality, he was also the catalyst that brought the threesome together.  Although it was Tuck who brought them together, Jamie and his openness and way of speaking his mind is what the threesome needed to go for what they wanted.  Brendan’s struggles with himself were heartbreaking, his fear and confusion were very difficult for him to overcome.  Polar Reaction was a very entertaining story filled with love, heartbreak and three very sexy men, readers will be very pleased.


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