Pitch Dark by Brooke London

Cerridwen Press

Romantic Suspense

ISBN: 9781419919282

Reviewed by Jo



Alyssa Tiernan has to protect her grandfather’s new discovery that extracts oil from the Canadian oil sands.  Alyssa knows that someone is very interested in this process and wants it, because someone has been trying to get into her computer security.  Now she has agreed to go and make sure that the company her grandfather wants to deal with isn’t the one trying to steal it from them.  Alyssa knows all about getting into and out of computers as hacking used to be her government paid job—until she learned the ugly truth about the people she was working for.

Connor Donnelly is a co-owner of Energy Unlimited and very eager to finance this new procedure.  Connor came late to being a business mogul, having worked as a CIA spy for years.  While he agrees to have Alyssa come and check out his systems, Connor resents the fact that she will have say in the budding partnership.  That is until Connor actually sees Alyssa and quickly discovers there are many dark places behind her sassy exterior.

Both Alyssa and Connor thought they had left the world of espionage and spying behind.   Instead, they have plunged deep into the world of terrorists and betrayal, while trying to ignore the sparks flying between them.  The sparks turn to flames and maybe even love as they travel from Colorado to Alberta, trying to stay one step ahead, while unraveling the deadly scheme.  Even as Connor earns Alyssa’s trust in trying to save her grandfather’s and his discovery, will he be able to earn her trust to heal the dark places in her and release her love?

Can you ever leave the world of spy vs. spy?  In Pitch Dark Alyssa and Connor are going find the answer.  Alyssa had to leave the job that gave her joy when she could not let her gifts be used for harm.  Connor was only hoping for a big dollar partnership when he found an unexpected love.  I thought that Alyssa and Connor were the perfect foil for the other, being so different.  I just loved learning new things about both of them that enhanced their personalities.  While the sparking passion and corky humor would have kept my attention, it was the thrilling suspense that kept me turning the pages to discover just what would come next.  If having espionage, betrayal, spies and danger along with your romance has you grabbing for a story as it does me, then Pitch Dark is a must read for you.


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