Passion by M. L. Rhodes

Amber Quill Press

Amber Allure

M/M Contemporary

ISBN: 978-1-60272-477-8 

Reviewed by Ley



Robert Bauerís work was his life; he built his company from the ground up to a now multi-million-dollar corporation. For all he has financially Robertís life was still lacking.  He was alone but that was how he thought he wanted it. Robert never met any one he wanted for more than sex, let alone to love, until he met Jesse McIntyre, the bartender at his favorite bar. Unfortunately the one man who invades his every thought was straight, at least that was the impression he was given.

Jesse knew the patrons of the gay bar he worked at thought he was straight and he was fine with that, the last thing he wanted was to get involved with anyone. Jesse was trying to forget his past and start a new life but the mental and physical scars from his past continue to haunt him.  Jesse was good at keeping people at arms length but when Robert began to frequent the bar he longed to be someone Robert would find interesting. Jesse believed there was no way someone as gorgeous and sexy as Robert would be attracted to a college dropout with emotional baggage.  When a winter storm strands Robert and Jesse together, Robert shows Jesse he is exactly what he wants and need.

Robert had a brief cameo appearance in M.L. Rhodes The Elf and Shoemaker, and he made such an impression that I was jumping with joy when I found out he was getting a spin-off.  Robert and Jesse were to very strong characters.  Robert built himself up from nothing into a very successful and wealthy man. Jesse made some bad decisions in his life and it takes a lot out of him to learn to live with the guilt that weighs him down.  Both men had an instant attraction to each other, and thank goodness fate stepped in to give them the opportunity to explore that attraction.  Passion was a great start to a beautiful, but may not be a very smooth, relationship.  I adored Passion and look forward to reading more about Robert and Jesse.


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