Papa Knows Best by Jaxx Steele

Phaze Publishing

M/M Interracial Contemporary

ISBN: 978-1-60659-123-9

Reviewed by Ley



Free spirited and used to going after what he wants Dominick ‘Papa’ Pappas, a young photography teacher, has set his sights on Professor Bradley Louis.  Bradley has a reputation of being stern and unsociable and the last thing he was interested in was getting involved with a co-worker, especially one twenty years younger than he is.  Bradley will quickly find that Papa’s determination to show him that despite their age differences and the generation gaps they were meant to be will be very hard to discourage. 

Papa Knows Best especially when it came to what Bradley needed.  This was a really good story.  Bradley was a very endearing character and Papa was the caring and open spirit he needed to help him start living a happy life again. Jaxx Steele did a fantastic job with the May/December aspect of Bradley and Papa’s relationship, it was pertinent to the story, but it wasn’t the main focus.  I liked how even though Professor Bradley was older and philosophically wiser when it came to his relationship with Papa he was a willing student of all that Papa wanted to teach him.  Papa was very caring and giving when it came to Bradley’s needs.  Papa Knows Best is the first story I’ve read from Mr. Steele and I will definitely be looking for more from him.


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