On the Prowl by Crystal Jordan


Erotic Paranormal/Shape Shifters

ISBN: 9780758229007

Reviewed by Talia Ricci



“Claim Me”

On her way home from the bar she owns, Solana is accosted by three panthers.  When another panther shifter comes to her rescue, she is glad to be safe but when she smells who helped her, her heart drops.  She smells her mate.  There is just one problem, Antonio is the Alpha of his panther pride and Solana is an ex-pride member who is unable to shift thus rendering her childless and unimportant.


“Take Me”

Andrea Cruz left home years ago to escape her abusive father.  She has made a name for herself in the fashion world and loves to travel.  When she is called back home by her brother Antonio, she knows she must return.  She doesn’t plan on staying but fate has another idea and it comes in the form of her brother’s Second in command, Miguel Montoya.  Miguel evokes hidden submissive feelings in Andrea that she has spent years hiding and then to add fuel to the fire, he is also her mate.


“Need Me”

Ricardo and Diego Cruz do everything together.  Twins, they share everything – their women included.  When a friend of their sister-in-law takes refuge in their pride, Ricardo and Diego are astounded and secretly thrilled – she is their mate and they plan to keep her.  On the run from a panther who insisted she was his mate, Isabel doesn’t trust very easily but Ric and Diego make it hard not to.  They pledge to keep her safe and they do – wholeheartedly.

Crystal Jordan reeled me in with On the Prowl.  A compilation of three novellas, On the Prowl is erotic and very naughty.  Each and every novella explored the relationship between mates.  Each novella was different but the same – blushing more than once I adored every single tale.  The men were sinfully handsome and territorial towards their females.  The females loved the males with their whole hearts and their attraction to each other was instantaneous and explosive.  On the Prowl comes with a warning: This is a really hot book! Aphrodisia wasn’t lying. Don’t miss it!


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