Mia's Discovery by Tianna Xander & Bonne Rose Leigh

Narian Rebirth, Book 2

Cobblestone Press

Sci-Fi Ménage Trois M/F/M

ISBN:  978-1-60088-231-9

Reviewed by Ley



Pretty much broke and living on the farm left to her by her aunt, Amelia ‘Mia’ Branson is determined to save the property no matter what.  She can’t believe her luck when help walks right up to her door. Markus Carrain and Aeden Simion introduce themselves as university researchers who are willing to pay a large sum for free reign of her property.  The two men look as if they were conjured up from her dreams, literally, and Mia soon finds they not only invade her home, but also her heart, soul and mind as well.

Not really research professors Markus and Aeden were Narian and they were on a mission to find others who were lost when their ship crashed.  Signs lead them to believe they will find the stasis pods holding their kind buried on Mia’s property, they never expected that when they approached the home sitting on the barren farmland they would find their mate in Mia.  In their attempts to convince her she belongs to them they just may push her away forever.

Mia’s Discovery opens on an adrenaline charged super high note that immediately captured my attention, unfortunately as the story continued my interest started to dwindle a bit.  The chapters that followed didn’t pack the excitement of the opening sequence, the action of the story did not pick up again until towards the end.  Mia discovers many things about herself and the two men she had been dreaming about long before they appeared at her door. The events that led to her finding out whom and what Markus and Aeden truly were was a discovery that very nearly cost Mia her life. Although Mia’s Discovery is the second book in the Narian Rebirth series, I felt it read pretty well as a stand alone, but to get a complete picture of the Narian peoples plight I do suggest reading Narian Summer first.


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