Love, Jamie by AKM Miles


Erotic M/M Contemporary

ISBN 978-1-907010-11-8

Reviewed by Nannette



Jamie Taylor is a physical therapy tech in the rehab center where Grant Stevens is sent after his car accident. Friendship quickly blooms between Jamie and Grant, but the son of the rehab facility owner, Donnie Wilkins, wants Jamie for himself. He doesn’t like that Jamie and Grant spend so much time together. In fact, he doesn’t like anything that takes Jamie’s attention from him. When Grant is released and moves in with Jamie to recuperate, Donnie’s possessiveness towards Jamie turns to obsession. Grant is the love of Jamie’s life, but Donnie wants him out of the way to keep Jamie for himself.

Grant has never been with a man before and Jamie wants Grant more than he’s ever wanted any other man. Things between them go from platonic to kissing then sweet romance to hot sex and back again. They were definitely made for each other.  Donnie, the stalker, adds an edge to an otherwise sugary sweet story. Even without Donnie, Jamie and Grant’s relationship has plenty of emotion, giving it a lot of depth as is. I like where Love, Jamie starts and how Grant and Jamie’s friendship begins. I like where they go, how they transition from friends to lovers, and I like where their story ends. The element of danger draws them even closer together. Love, Jamie is a good love story.   


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