Joshua's Muse by Fae Sutherland

Ellora’s Cave

M/M Contemporary

ISBN: 9781419919633

Reviewed by Ley



Attending college away from home was overwhelming for Alex Manetas.  Being away from his family and friends was hard for him, but when he meets Joshua things really spiral out of control. Alex’s attraction to Joshua forces him to face up to his attraction to the same sex.

Joshua was open about who he was and whom he loved. He wanted Alex from the moment they met, but as much as he was falling for Alex, Joshua knew the relationship would not survive if Alex remained in the closet. 

Will Alex be able to show his family the true him and declare publicly his love for Joshua or will Alex’s fear of losing his family cost him the love of his life?

Joshua’s Muse is beautifully written and emotionally riveting.  Joshua spins Alex’s world right round, upside down and inside out. Alex allows himself to love and feel and live with Joshua, he accepts all that Joshua so freely gave to him, but he was too afraid to give back to Joshua equally.  Joshua’s Muse opens on an emotional high and then gives the back-story that led to the heartbreaking scene that opens the story. Joshua was definitely on a different level than Alex emotionally but it would have been easy for Alex to catch up if only he had more faith in his feelings and the love of those around him.  Joshua’s Muse is a wonderful story that any reader who loves angst, love and romance will really enjoy.  


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