In for a Penny by Carol Lynne

Resplendence Publishing

M/M Contemporary

ISBN: 96-201-101-438-1

Reviewed by Ley



FBI agent Raven ĎRayí Black never thought he would ever return to the home of the woman who saved his life and the man who broke his heart.  Raven loved Marty Conner as if she was his own mother and not just a foster mom.  After she died her son Zane Conner ordered Raven to leave The Lazy C Bar Ranch but now seven years later he was back and ironically it was Zane who summoned him.

As much as his heart aches being around Zane, Raven could not deny him when Zane asks him to help save his ranch and find the murderer of young Native boy.

Fantastic story!  Ravenís life before Marty found him was sad, broken and very abusive because of his father, a man with pure evil in his heart.  As kids Raven and Zane had a good relationship but as Raven got older and Zane started to see him as a man and not the little kid who followed him around he pushed Raven away.  Zane regretted that decision, but if he hadnít done what he did Raven may not have accomplished all he has in his life, such as joining the Marines and becoming an FBI agent.  I enjoyed the plot, aside from how sexy Zane and Raven were together, I really liked how the suspense and mystery angle of the plot tied into Ravenís past and allowed him to find some closure to his brutal childhood. In for a Penny is an emotional story. It was emotionally heartbreaking as well as emotionally sweet.  Carol Lynne did a great job with this story. In for a Penny is terrific and I enjoyed it very much.


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