Grace On Fire by Elle Amery

Quartzton series, book 2

Ravenous Romance


ISBN:  978-1-60777-024-4

Reviewed by Ley



A young widow, Grace Muscat was just starting to get her life together again after a disastrous and abusive marriage.  She thought she was doing well, but when she over hears one of the sexiest guys in town, who also happens to a be man sheís had frequent fantasies about tell his buddies that he would never be caught dead in bed with some one as frigid as Grace, her confidence is pretty much shattered.  Even though she was hurt by Don Marshallís words, she couldnít deny he was right. Her husband was not a great lover or teacher.  Grace needed help in the bedroom and she knew Wyatt Bennett, her best friendís brother, would be willing to lend a hand.

Wyatt has loved Grace for years, when she asked him to teach her about sex he canít believe his ears, but he knew he would be a fool to say no.  Dealing with the fact that she wanted to be more sexual in order to be with Don was the part of the deal he despised, but as long as he had Grace in his bed he was going to find a way to make her fall in love with him and forget about Don Marshall.

I really enjoyed Grace On Fire. This is my favorite of the Quartzton trilogy so far. Grace and Wyatt are perfect together and very hot in bed. Of all the brothers Wyatt is the one I really wanted to see happily in love.  Grace took a while to realize what she really wanted, but I canít say I blame her for her confused feelings. She never had real love from a man to realize that was what Wyatt was offering her.  Grace On Fire is a good follow up to Saving Sophie and a very enjoyable read. 


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