Glad Hands by Angelia Sparrow and Naomi Brooks

Elloraís Cave

M/M Futuristic

ISBN: 9781419919473

Reviewed by Ley



Futuristic America has suffered an economic and social breakdown. The states are no longer united, thereís just a small number of nations divided by race, heritage and sexual orientation. Each nation has their own limited resources that are transported within the nations and truck drivers are vastly needed to help transport these resources. Chuck Hummingbird is one of these drivers; he has a steady job of driving crude resources out of Seattle. The new America can be bleak and harsh and trust wasnít easy, but Chuck was not one to turn his back on anyone in need. While out on a special assignment he meets Seven, a beautiful young man with eyes that mesmerized, sitting alone and hungry at a rest stop. 

Seven A. McCullough had a rough life, betrayed and abused by many, trust wasnít something he gave easily. The kindness Chuck showed him made it hard to not trust him and even harder not to fall in love.

Glad Hands offers great imagery of a harsh and dangerous futuristic world.  In this new land of segregation and laws that make disdain for those who are different acceptable, Chuck and Seven were able to find each other and build a relationship out of the mutual attraction they felt for one another regardless of the obstacles and road blocks they faced.  Glad Hands has an awesome plot and endearing characters but I have to admit I didnít feel a great connection between Chuck and Seven when they first met. I was well into the story before I felt any connection other than friendship between them. Although I liked Glad Hands I felt there were times in the story where the authors were contradicting what we were previously led to believe. I was also a bit confused by Chuckís parents at the end of the story, their reactions to an event in Chuckís life seemed odd. Over all Glad Hands is an enjoyable story, and Chuck and Seven are great guys with warms hearts, Angelia Sparrow and Naomi Brooks fans will find much to like about this book.


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