Full Circle by Lisa Marie Davis

Dreamspinner Press

M/M Contemporary

Reviewed by Ley



When his greatest fantasy becomes a reality, Jaylin Ryan finds it very hard to believe. Jaylin, an openly gay high school senior, has had a crush on Max Sydney, his high schoolís most popular jock for as long as he known him. To his surprise Max made it known he felt the same about Jaylin although he was very deep in the closet.  When their secret relationship is revealed Jaylin and Max are attacked and Max is brutally beaten. Afraid he will be a burden to Jaylin, Max allows his father to convince him to leave Jaylin.

Years later Max and Jaylin face each other again when they are summoned to testify at their attackerís parole hearing. Seeing each other again they discover the love between them never died, but will love be enough to get past all thatís happened for them to build a future together?

Full Circle was okay, but not as engaging as I hoped it to be. I liked Maxís character, he felt more real to me than Jaylin did. Jaylin was lacking substance; he came across as too perfect. In most stories I donít mind that but in this story I think he would have been more endearing to me if he was a bit more complex.  The overall idea of this story was great but the execution of it fell flat.  I didnít think the build up and reasons behind the attack supported the severity of the attack.  I felt outrage for what was done to Max and Jaylin but the angst and emotional connect was not there. Full Circle left me cold and with too many unanswered questions. Iím disappointed that this story didnít engage me in the way I had hope, but other fans of Lisa Marie Davis work, may find Full Circle more to their liking.


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