Frost Fair by Erastes

Linden Bay Romance

M/M Historical

ISBN: 978-1-60202-157-0

Reviewed by Ley



Determined to keep the printing shop he inherited from his father afloat, Gideon Frost is willing do whatever it takes and has.  But when faced with a close call that could ruin his life he knows there has to be another way to save the shop.  When the Thames froze over London became alive with the Frost Fair of 1814 and Gideon seized it as the opportunity heís been waiting for to show London the integrity of his work. 

As Gideon tries to save his failing business he is also losing his heart to one of Londonís social elites. Joshua Redfern commissioned a print from Gideon and Gideon was determined to give him his best work ever. Gideon felt even if he managed to save his printing shop he would never be in the same social class as the independently wealthy Joshua and giving him his best work was the only thing he had to offer him.  Unfortunately Gideonís plan to save his shop ironically led to its destruction, and the dread that he would never be Joshuaís equal was cemented when Joshua offered him a position in his household.

Frost Fair is a sweet story and Gideon was a fantastic character.  He was such a caring person, he didnít worry about just himself if the printing shop failed, he also worried about Mordecai, his young shop helper. The romance between Gideon and Joshua was not what held my interest in this story, it was all about Gideon for me. The author Erastes did a great job with him and he created an entertaining story using the Frost Fair and frozen Thames River of 1814 as a very interesting backdrop. Readers looking for a terrific historical story with a hero that will touch their heart will love Frost Fair.


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