Fringe Benefits by James Buchanan, KIL Kenny, Zoe Nichols, and CB Potts

Torquere Press

Gay Anthology

ISBN: 978-1-60370-602-5, 1-60370-602-X

Reviewed by Sabella



“Accessibility Beta” by KIL Kenny

JJ is a programming geek that is quite happy staying in the shadows of the corporate maneuverings that reel in clients. He leaves that job in the capable hands of the sales people.  However, when his office sends him to a conference it pretty much guarantees that he will have to interact with not only clients, but the dreaded sales people also. JJ does his best to impersonate a wall-flower, but the übber sales man of his company, Tory Hofstedter, has set his eyes on JJ and this might be one sales pitch that JJ can’t pass up…

“Accessibility Beta” is a surprising read by KIL Kenny as I’ve never read anything by this author before.  The characters are erotic and emotionally charged, especially as JJ struggles to come to terms with his attraction for another man.


“Just Business” by James Buchanan

Treat is just getting by most days, doing a job he hates while dreaming of a life in which he does what he loves – design and modeling.  An unexpected meeting with a co-worker from another office awakens urges that Treat thought long buried, leaving him wishing for further contact with Zeal.  Still in the midst of this turmoil, Treat meets Ace, an erotic photographer, who pushes Treat into doing things that he thought he never would do.  But what will Treat do when he discovers the truth about his fantasy men, Zeal and Ace?

“Just Business” is a compelling read about self awakening and true desires.  Treat is sort of lost, and his interest in Zeal and Ace truly baffles him.  James Buchanan did a wonderful job bringing these men together in a way that will leave you sighing in happiness!


“Wunderkind” by Zoe Nichols

DJ is a whiz at computer design and when he is contracted to build a web site for Prestigious, a book printer, the last thing DJ expected was to be completely enraptured by Prestigious’ owner, Vincent.  But under DJ’s bubbly presence lurks a heavy responsibility that just might break him…

“Wunderkind” is an amazingly erotic, yet emotional read that will wrap you up in DJ’s world so completely that you will be heartbroken along with him. Then when things pick up, it will leave you smiling with his joy.  Zoe Nichols did a wonderful job with these characters, making them come to life in an almost imperceptible manner and I hope that she brings DJ and Vincent back again for more!


“When the Cat’s Away” by CB Potts

Brad is not having a good Christmas season. Even with his boss away one of the other VP’s in the company has taken over the duty of torturing him.  However, this VP has taken torture to a whole new level. But when Brad finds a friend in Morgan, one of the men on the cleaning crew, things might finally change…

“When the Cat’s Away” is a strange turn for a romance. It comes across as a coming together of unlikely friends to deal with a common threat.  Does it ever become a romance? It’s unclear, but the story is entertaining nonetheless.

Fringe Benefits is an eclectic mix of heartfelt romances to off-beat stories.  As a whole, these stories are fun and entertaining and brings together a great sampling of authors and different styles of romance, making this book well worth taking the time to read. Pick up Fringe Benefits the next time you go shopping for an enjoyable and different read.


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