For the Love of a Queen by Laura Hogg

Queen Nayda, Book 1

The Wild Rose Press

Futuristic Romance/Science Fiction

ISBN: 1-60154-499-5

Reviewed by Talia Ricci



In a futuristic time, war has decimated the Earth and killed most of its people.  The few that are left are required to fight for anything that they can get, food included.  Former undercover operative Nayda travels from place to place helping out when she can.  She has built a reputation for herself and is crowned queen by the people she has been helping.  When Jeff arrives at the camp, Nayda is stunned by his seeming loyalty and excellent fighting skills, not the mention the fact that he is the most handsome man she has ever seen.  The two lovers fall in love but all is not what it seems.  And it seems that Jeff is a covert as well – for the enemy.

Reading the blurb, I held For the Love of A Queen to high expectations.   Curious, I had to read this book.  The plot was excellent – I love spy stories with love stories in between the suspense.  I also am becoming a fan of futuristic romances as well.  So I figured I would have the best of both worlds with For the Love of A Queen.  Sadly, it didn’t pan out.  The characters are stilted and one dimensional. The storyline, while good, could be so much better – it is almost anticlimactic in a way.  Jeff and Nayda are in love but I found them acting towards each other much like brother and sister.  I could have used more oomph with the story and more hubba hubba with the romance.  I would encourage readers to skip For the Love of A Queen is they are looking for a sensuous love story.  If not, then the plot and underlying emotions will be enjoyable.


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