Feral by Joely Skye

Samhain Publishing

Paranormal Shapeshifter (M/M)

ISBN: 978-1-60504-520-7

Reviewed by Sabella



Ethan has been in cougar form for the past eight years and with good reason. He witnessed the murder of his foster mother and then was tortured by the same maniac. After getting used to the solitude and staying away from other shifters, Ethan is being chased by the local werewolf pack, but there is no way Ethan will let himself be caught.  In the end, Ethan does end up a prisoner of the wolf pack, but one of his captors, Bram, strikes something within Ethan that brings him back to humanity no matter if its against his will.

Bram is at the bottom is his pack, literally, as the Omega.  Its not a role he feels comfortable in, but it keeps him safe from the others. Unfortunately, it also means that he is at the beck and call of the pack Alpha who loves to make sure that Bram remembers his place.  However, something in Ethan calls to Bram and makes him want to defy his Alpha even if it means his death.

As fate brings Ethan and Bram together it is up to them to have the courage to grab what they want, but will they have the strength to keep it?

Feral is a compelling tale that travels the path from anti-social behavior due to trauma to reaching out to others, seeking the contact that grounds them to humanity.  Ethan is forced to come back to his humanity by forces outside his control, but once there he discovers that there are things that make it worth being a fragile human.  Bram, on the other hand, finds, through Ethan, the bravery to become more than he has been told he could be Omega, forever subservient to others.  The strange and fragile dance that Ethan and Bram engage in is beautiful to behold making for an enthralling read.  However, while the relationship between Bram and Ethan was fully developed, the shifter plot felt thin and sometimes alien to the happenings between Bram and Ethan except when they overlapped by forceful plot twists.  Still, Joely Skye has penned a wonderful romance that lovers of the paranormal would be remiss to pass up.  Pick up Feral the next time you go shopping for an unusual story.


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